Alex's Bio

My computer keeps making odd noises

I'm not really concerned about them, it's just weird that other people's computers aren't making the same noises.

More About Myself

I'm from Scranton, Pennsylvania which is a smallish city in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I am a 20 year old Communications Major at Arcadia University, formerly Beaver College, and have literally no idea what to with my degree after I leave college. I'm not worried though, I've never known what I'm doing with my life so I actually would be more worried if I knew what I was doing.

I might just work odd jobs. Maybe I'll travel the country as a ramblin' man like that Allman Brothers Band song (and the ramblin' men that the song is about.) I'll fix up cars and paint fences while I ride the trains and hitchhike from town to town. This is a biography for the future.