Distinctive Leadership

By Gaylen Thornton

What business and society needs less of today are managers with egos, dictatorial and controlling styles and more leaders that live, work, and inspire by example and serving those that follow them. Someone once said, "Put others before yourself, and you can become a leader among men." Leaders are acutely aware and sensitive of the needs and desires of others and help them fulfill those needs and desires.

Leaders do not always have "given authority" or the title of manager or executive. Leaders are found in every organization among employees on the same level and their "authority" comes from people who look up to them with respect because of their example. All great leaders have one common trait, they put others before them, and they serve their followers.

The story is told of a noncommissioned officer given the directive to oversee the repairs of a military building during the American Revolution. He was barking out orders to the soldiers under his command and attempting to get them to raise a heavy wooden beam.

As the men fought with the large beam to lodge it into place, a man who happened by stopped to ask the one in charge why he wasn't helping the men. With all the pomp of an emperor, the soldier responded, "Sir, I am a Corporal!"

"You are, are you?" replied the passerby, "I was not aware of that." Then, taking off his hat and bowing, he said, "I ask your pardon, Corporal." Then the stranger walked over and strained with the other soldiers to lift the heavy beam, which finally moved into place. After the job was finished, the stranger turned and said, "Mr. Corporal, when you have another such job, and have not enough men, send for your Commander in Chief, and I will come and help you a second time." The corporal was thunderstruck. The man's name was General George Washington.

This story illustrates the distinctive leadership and essence of a great man and great leader. It is a perfect example of how to serve others to accomplish the task. "Authority makes some people grow - and others just swell" someone once said. The corporal swelling with his authority barked out orders and although those in his charge tried mightily to accomplish his commands, until the true leader appeared, the work was not completed.

True honor, respect, and appreciation only come one way and that is when we become servants. This is an eternal principle of leadership and if it is mastered you will be a distinctive leader in whatever field of endeavor you assume.

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Gaylen began his sales and marketing career in 1974 working with residential and commercial customers in the fence industry. He gained knowledge and expertise as a top sales professional from his National Sales Manager and Director of Sales positions for American Optical, Lehigh Safety Shoe Company and Varsity Contractors. Gaylen has extensive experience in working with residential and commercial property managers and REALTORS®. This work includes home and commercial building repairs and improvements, cleaning and landscape care. This gives him a unique perspective to buying, selling and property management as well as how to take care of both commercial and residential facilities inside and out.

Gaylen arrived in Arizona in 1996 residing in Scottsdale for 9 years, moving to Surprise 4 years ago. He is past president of the Mission de los Arroyos Home Owner Association and currently serve as the treasurer on the Ashton Ranch HOA Board of Directors. Gaylen has an extensive educational background having a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix, a broadcast degree from the Western School of Broadcast and is insurance licensed in Arizona and Utah along with his Arizona Real Estate license. Gaylen is a member of IFMA and BOMA both outstanding facility service organizations.

Through education, career, and voluntary efforts, Gaylen has acquired a wealth of experience which gives you the "Selling or Purchasing Edge" in your real estate transaction or if you are in the market to enhance or maintain your commerical facility.