Felicia's Bio

School and Work

Felicia Hall is a sophomore at Arcadia University studying Communications with concentrations in both print and video. Felicia entered college as a Biology major in hopes of becoming a doctor. After realizing that was not the right field for her she experimented with different classes unitl she realized her love for writing and photography.

She also works three separate jobs, each of which she loves. Two of her jobs are located in her home town of South Philadelphia. She works for a small business named Boystown Girlstown selling school uniforms for Catholic school children. She has worked here since she was fourteen years old and grew a love for the job and people she works with. She also works for the Phildelphia Phillies selling merchandise in the gift shop alongside her mother. The most recent job Felicia has acquired is on the Arcadia University campus taking photographs of events for the University Relations office. This position is somewhat like an internship because it is giving her experience in a field she would love to work in full-time someday.


Felicia has a small immediate family. She lives with her mother Lora Franzini Hall and her father Stephen Hall JR. She has no siblings however she also lives with her 4 year old pitbull named Leo. Felicia's mother works with her at the Philadelphia Phillies in the retail store and her father is a Phildelphia police detective.


Felicia's interests include, photography, writing, watching movies/television shows, and spending time with family and friends. She loves traveling, reading, and learning new things. During her down time her favorite television show to watch is Friends and her favorite movie is Perks of Being a Wallflower. At the top of her favorite books is Identical by Ellen Hopkins, whose writing inspired her to want to write novels.