Max's Bio

This is a larger class than usual.

Tomorrow I have "Godspell" rehearsal.

Web Design is Fun.

My name is Max Woessner. I live in Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mount Airy is in the Northwest section of the city. I live on 640 W. Phil-Ellena St. My house is just off of Greene Street and Lincoln Drive. I have questioned my sanity so many times by doing what will soon be twenty-seven musicals in twelve years. Some of the highlights of said shows include "The Lion King" as Ed, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" as Charlie Brown and "My Fair Lady" as Harry. Putting on a show is extremely fun and exhausting. It is always worth it. The next show will be "Godspell" at Chestnut Hill College. Likewise, I am also a massive cinephile. In this very room - Brubaker 305 - last semester, I took "Intro to Film." In that class, we watched everything from "The Maltese Falcon" to "Whiplash." The Professor was Michael D. Dwyer, whom I also had for two other classes. He was excellent, though I grew a bit tired of him toward the end of the class.

Hey, it was snowing a little earlier! This makes me curious for what will happen this semester. Oy, I can't believe it's second semester junior year!