The Titans of Man - The 3 Types of Prime Movers of Our World

By Dias Lu

The only constant is change. Our world is always moving. Nature is almighty. Natural phenomena such as earthquakes and tsunamis have the potential to disintegrate parts of our world into oblivion. Often at times, man is caught up in these unfortunate circumstances. As a result, man is constantly finding ways and means to nurture himself so as to adapt to Nature.

Man is armed with nothing but the mind to be empowered by determination and guts so as to adapt to the process of survival. Some paved their way through blood and toil while others marched endlessly with toil, sweat and determination.

The Processor

The world is moving at a much slower rate until this man came and accelerates the entire information systems of the world through mass computers. As a billionaire dropout not finishing his education during his junior year at Harvard University, Bill Gates is considered as one of the most legendary individuals of our time. With a vision of personal computers emerging out of the mainstream, he teamed up with his colleague, Paul Allen who also studied in Harvard. Together, both of them left the university in exchange for a dream that led them both to their multi-billion business, Microsoft Corporation. Today, the world becomes a much integrated world thanks to the wide availability of information that interconnects us one another.

The Machine

Mr. Hamburger, Ray Kroc who once made a living as a milk-shake man, envisioned a fast food company that can deliver quality service in the name of chow time. Rapid proliferation of McDonald's franchises which were of reasonable costs generated massive income. Seeing this burger phenomena eat its way through, Kroc remained afloat with the priority of offering food and service perfection to customers worldwide. Today many similar franchises of a similar concept such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King created not just a system for convenient, affordable and tasty food but also a lineage of wealth and employment for people.

The Fantasy

Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mickie and Minnie Mouse, Pinocchio, these cartoon characters have lived with us through our times when we were young. Walt Disney used to be a Red Cross volunteer during World War 1. With his talent as a cartoonist, Disney made his 1st debut with Plane Crazy, introducing our beloved black and white mouse. Riding with the flow of Hollywood revolution, he advanced from a silent cartoon to a talking Mickey Mouse. Then everything followed. His enthusiasm made him sit on top of Disneyland garnering 26 Oscars. Today his Disneyland is enchanting people worldwide and his creations have given inspirations to a growing trend of the cartoon industry from the east: The anime and manga industry.

As evidence, these renowned entrepreneurs made everything possible just by living up to their dream of becoming someone everybody could appreciate and look up to. Starting from scratch, but reaching to this point of earning so much cash. You too could be an entrepreneur. You too could be a titan.

Start from dreaming, and dream big.

Dias Lu is an entrepreneur who specialises in self-empowerment, wealth mastery, and entrepreneurial leadership. Currently he is running his internet marketing business and doing part-time experiential coaching.

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