Nick's Bio

I am a Computer Technology Major with a focus in design. I am very excited to take CM268, because I have heard great things about the class and the professor. I was forced to take off last semester due to sudden complications to my health. The day I moved into my apartment in Oak, I got a call from my cardiologist saying that I needed to return home immediatly for emergency valve replacement. I spent every day from September 14th until now waiting to return to Arcadia and continue my education, and I am VERY excited to be able to be back.

Computer Technology Major

New Hampshire Flag

I have taken CS107, CS201 and CS202. I am from New Hampshire, in New Durham, in a big house that my father built on a hill. I have lived there my entire life and I hope to live there for many more years. and I am in my Sophomore year. I have a beautiful dog named Cooper, who is a British Cream Golden Retriever. I also have two maine coon cats named Alice and Archie. I currently live in Oak Summit apartments, last year I lived in Dilworth, and I would NOT recommend it, I am surprised I am still alive to tell the story.