Cajun Chicken Fried Rice


- 2 cups of leftover white/brown rice

- 1 egg

- 4 tbls of water

- 1 tbls salt&pepper

- 1 tbls of soy sauce

- 4 tbls of oil

- 1 chicken breast

- 1 cups of stir fry vegetables (onions, scallions, hot peppers)

- 2 tbls of cayenne pepper

- nonstick spray

Making the Magic

*If you are using a wok or a cast iron pan, for best results, season the pan/wok before you start cooking your chicken fried rice. How this works is that you will slick the pan or wok with oil and what ever seasonings you want, then you will heat that pan on medium for 5-7 minutes on the stove. Once you've heated the cooking utensil, let it sit between 4-24 hours. This way, whenever you eat anything, the seasonings will always be present in the food you're cooking because it is seasoned into the pan/wok.*

1. Defrost your chicken breast (Yes, I HAVE to tell people to do this).

2. Mix your egg and water together in a cup or bowl. Set it to the side.

3. Spray your seasoned/unseasoned wok/pan with nonstick spray.

4. Heat up your pan with oil at medium low heat.

5. Pour the egg mix onto the heated surface. Cook until the egg is one solidified circle on the surface. Take that egg, put it on a plate, and dice it up. Set to the side.

6. Dice up your chicken breast and add salt, pepper. Grill you seasoned chicken with your stir-fry vegetables until lightly brown on medium heat.

7. Take your leftover rice and season it with cayenne pepper and soy suace. Add that rice and diced egg with the meat and vegatbles.

8. Stir and fry the ingredients together for 8 minutes on medium-high and then lower the heat to warming temperature.

9. Enjoy!

* If you are finding the instructions are too difficult OR the dish just turned out completely terrible, you will need a phone or a laptop for the next steps. Pick up the phone or visit whatever online food delivery service and just order some Chinese food. This isn't for everyone, folks.