Sabrina's Bio


Hello, my name is Sabrina McPherson. I am an undergraduate student at Arcadia University and I study Corporate Communications with the Media and Communications department. My ideal career is where I am almost constantly involved with writing and customer relations, so hopefully I land a job in public relations or marketing once I graduate. I was raised in a small, racist yet ethnically diverse town called Hazleton, PA (You might have heard of us from the news for our cocaine infested crime and activities). In high school, I was the president of the Foreign Language Organization and ,unfortunately, the Anime Club. One day, I hope to become successful enough to the town that raised me and bring it back from it's demise though the citizens there are strong enough and probably don't need my help anyways.

So, what kind of person I am?

I am into some different things, such as anime, live concerts, mystery novels, and cooking. I like to go out to bars, walk around Philadelphia, go to musems, and ride the ferry for fun! To tell you the truth, I can't honestly give out any personality traits that accurately define me. However, other people seem to think I'm funny and entertaining, which I take as another way of saying " a 7 with a personality". I can't complain though, because in some ways they're right. I enjoy looking for new music, following illustration blogs, and finding something, ANYTHING, to watch on Netflix (because I am running out of options here, people). My favorite type of food is anthing that sits well with pasta or rice, like curry and my favorite drink is Ginger Ale. The best place I have ever visited was Seoul, South Korea and I cannot wait to go back there again. Someday, I hope to tour all of Asia and South America.

So, am I particularly good at anything?

Haha, no.

But, in all seriousness, I am good at telling people my obsession with Beyonce, communicating solely through facial expressions, meme curation, writing, singing, being kinda funny, ruining my contour, spending money faster than I get it, staying up until 3am every night, and making up activities I'm good at because I need to be acknowledged.