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My Mother gave birth to ME!! ten minutes after arriving at the Hospital

I have been in a hurry ever since


Hello this is Alan Powell. I am a professor at Arcadia University. I teach video production classes and senior senior thesis
it is Monday

I spent most of winter break skiing is zero degree weather. Breathing all that cold air made me sick and I lost my voice. So I took a week off and started teaching with no voice. But being a crazy old man! I was back on the slopes this weekend.

I am also an artist. I work in video, photography and installation. I earnerd my BFA at Rhode Island School of Design or as we said in school The Island School of Road Design
My graduate work was completed at Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University. I majored in video and computer art. One of my projects was tying a microphone to my dog and letting him run through the North Philadelphia neighborhoods
I transposed the sounds into notes and instruments. I then had a music emsemble play back the "Dog Song" For my graduate thesis i had a computer generate the news

i love to webdesign