My Biography

Hello I'm Alexis Ramirez, and I'm a sophomore student at Arcadia University. I am an Atlanta native, born and raised, but I haved moved to other parts of the Americas such as Chicago, Il; San Pedro, CA; Lorendo, TX; and Morelia, Mexico. Growing up I had a strong interest in automobile mechanics, other languages and cultures, and real Futbol. My favorite Futbol teams include Club America, F.C. Bayern, and Manchester United. Other things that get my interest include politics and, strangely, orange objects. Languages and cultures I have always had an interest in are German, old Spanish, Chinese and slavic languages.

I came to Arcadia to study International Relations and Psychology. I always loved the idea of traveling to other nations and knowing how we connect to the world and other people. My goals are to come out of Arcadia with a BA in International Studies and minor in Psychology and Spanish. I want to use my knowledge to understand the complexity of people in the Americas, to know why people choose certain actions and what compels nations to respond in turn. I want to come to understand the actions of people and their governments, to come to predict and know what future actions may contain.

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