Favorite Sites for Entertainmet

Sites for Chatting and Friends

A wonderful website that translates well as an app as well for increased convenience. This site and its app is very friendly to users as it allows them to see games that are currently being played, allowing for the easy of use and tracking of your favorite football team or just chatting with other football fans about upcoming games.

An already established site, this forum has everything to pages about cats and flags to more obscure and small communities. Reddit is a forum site that has different pages within itself to allow people to have the chance to find people with similar opinions or ideas on certain topics and hobbies.

This site is recent but if you want to meet people of similar taste in games, genres or other things, this site allows for large public discussion or smaller private ones between friends and associates. Discord can allow for fun experiences whether they are with strangers or close friends having a fun conversation.

A site, an app and for the majority of people now, Facebook is a part of social life. Facebook can help connect family, friends, and organizations to message, poll, or just communicate with each other with simple access and communication.

Sites for Fun, Music, or Boredom

An app and website that for a fee, one can listen to a vast library of music of different genres and styles from around the world. One great use of spotify is that it can connect with other devices such as game stations, phones, and laptops, and sync them together.

A free site and app that can be used as a platform for smaller artists to get their music out to a larger audience.

A monthly service app that allows for the streaming of movies and shows. While it it always has an ever updating cache of films and shows, some of the best are its originals such as my personal favorites Narcos and Strangers Things.

A service similar to Netflix but has more tv shows in comparison to Netflix. Also there is a partnerships between Hulu and Spotify, so one can both for the price of one.

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