Film Sites

  1. Fandor

    Fandor is a site that streams films from all around the world ranging from critically acclaimed Hollywood films to Indie films from Croatia. Aside from streaming, Fandor publishes video essays on a range of film topics such as color, auteur directors, and film symbolism.

  2. Notebook (Mubi)

    Mubi is a streaming site that uploads one new movie every day - there are only 30 movies on the site at a time. As a college student, I get a free membership to the streaming service. It houses critically acclaimed films as well as films made by auteur directors from all over the world.

  3. Senses of Cinema

    Senses of Cinema is a film journal that discusses film in a variety of different ways - meaning, structure etc. It' s a very useful tool for someone who is interested in making films.

  4. Reverse Shot

    Reverse shot is a film website that reviews new movies from all over the world as well as conducts interesting and unique film analysis on a lot of films and television shows from famous directors like David Lynch.

Music Sites

  1. Pitchfork

    Pitchfork is one of my go to's for finding new music. Every time I find a new band I search them on Pitchfork and look out for related artists through that.

  2. Consequences of Sound

    Consequences of Sound is a great website for reading about music news. It's a site that keeps me updated on albums and collaborations to look out for, band breakups, and random information about the music I love.

  3. NME

    While it tends to stray from music these days, NME is a great website to visit for popular artist news. They don't acknowledge indie bands as much as other sites, but they tend to have news earlier.

  4. Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone is a classic website for following music news. It's probably one of the best, it's a good site to go to for tour news, album releases, festival lineups and album reviews.