Andrew's Favorite Websites

Gaming Websites

Blizzard Homepage

The Blizzard website is my first website because ine the games I play the most is Hearthstone.
Hearthstone is an online card game made by blizzard that I think is very fun and challenging.

Hearthpwn Homepage

This website is called hearthpwn and it is a website where people can post their hearthstone deck lists.
On top of posting your list you can get feedback from the other people in the community, it is nice
to be able to talk with peers about your decks.

Rainbow Six Siege Homepage

This is the homepage for Rainbow Six Siege, another game I play a lot. This website is where
Ubisoft posts about the changes coming to the game, the professional tournaments,and the new charcters.
This website is super useful because I can get an advantage over other people by knowing the
newest changes and newest characters.

Skyrim Wiki Page

This website is a wiki for all of the lore of the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim is my favorite game
of all time. I love every aspect of the game and getting into the lore was a big part of the game for me
so this website really helped me out when I was trying to learn everything I could about the game.

Everyday Websites

Newegg Homepage is a website that you can buy computer parts from. Since most of my gamin is done
on a computer I am on this website a lot. They have the best deals for computer parts.

Arcadia Canvas

This is the link to canvas which is the website I am definitely on the most. I do have to
admit that I like the look of canvas and I like it much more than blackboard, which came before canvas.

Amazon Homepage

The homepage of Amazon is here because I buy way more off of amazon than I should. There is literally
you could imagine for sale on Amazon. Most of the time I am buying packs of food in bulk.

Hulu Homepage

I think hulu is way better than netflix and that is why I have it here. I probably spend
way too much time watching shows on hulu but There are so many good shows.

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