A Little About Me

My Name is Andrew Givone and I'm a Junior majoring in computer science here at Arcadia. I switched to CS from Bio last semester and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Bio was dreadful and I had no idea what I wanted to do with the degree but I know exactly what I want to do with my CS degree... kinda. After college I want to get a job in Cyber Security, which is partly why I took this class. Knowing multiple coding languages looks good on a resume.

My Current Life

After I graduate I will probably stick around Philly for a few years before I move somewhere in the North West. I love the rain so I think that is where I would like to spend my life. At the moment I spend my life swimming and playing video games. The latter is much more enjoyable but I love the thrill of competing in the pool. I'm not half bad either, I hold a school record and in a few weeks I am looking to set a few more at our championship meet, possibly even get an NCAA cut. When I am not in the pool I really only play video games. At the moment the games I play the most are Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League and Skyrim when I'm tired of losing.

My Family

I come from northern New Jersey in a little town called Stillwater. It is a really beautiful area with lots of trees and rivers and animals.
My Mom, Dad, and Sister all still live in Stillwater and my sister graduates high school this year. My dog Scout is still in Stillwater too, he is the one I miss the most.

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