Eight Websites That Are My Favorite

  • News/Communication

    1. Vice Media
    2. Vice is one of my all time favorites because I find it as a reliable news sourse. It presents information in an entertaining way.

    3. CNN
    4. CNN is also a reliable news sources but it is presented in an more serious manner.

    5. Facebook
    6. Facebook also has relavent news stories and I mainly use it to communicate with friends and family.

    7. Complex
    8. Complex is a website I use to stay up to date on the latest fashion culture waves.

  • Entertainment

    1. Hype Beast
    2. I use this website to buy articles of clothing, shoes, or to read about the latest trends.

    3. Reddit
    4. Reddit is a great website to communicate with people interested in communities that interest you. Lots of discussions are held on this website.

    5. YouTube
    6. YouTube is a great website to watch videos for your own entertainment, to learn something new, hear a song, or watch a decent DIY video.

    7. IMDb
    8. I use IMDb to get the latest scoop on the newest upcoming movies and to get information on movies that already released.

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