Helen Armstrong

I was born in a blizzard in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on December 18, 1995. I have an older brother, Jay, who is currently in law school at Duke. My younger brother, Nathaniel, is a sophomore in high school. I have a mom and dad, and a dog named Spirit.

Spirit deserves her very own paragraph because that's how much I love her. She's a rescue dog who we adopted five years ago last December. She's a Samoyed Spitz mix, which means she's white and fluffy with a curly tail and a big smile, but she doesn't shed quite as much as your normal Samoyed. For Christmas, we got her a rope that she loves playing with - she likes to play tug of war with us, second only to getting a belly rub.

I went to London on FYSAE in my first semester, and for the second semester of my sophomore year, I studied in Perugia, Italy. That's where I met my girlfriend, who lives in Colorado. Her name is Kayla and she just graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a degree in Classics. Over the summer, I lived in Boulder with her, and we took a bunch of road trips so I could see things in the Southwest. I loved Canyonlands National Park the most, where we got to stargaze. It's a registered International Night Sky Park, which means that the stargazing there is one of a select few places around the world where it's especially dark, showing the most stars.