About Me

Hi! My name is Jamie Goetz. I am currently a sophomore at Arcadia University. I'm a video communications major, so my big focus is making, editing, and writing films. A big part of my life is music. Aside from films, I play guitar, bass, and ukulele. I'm a massive Beatles fan, along with other classic rock bands, so I often try to incorporate that into my films (if I can). I try to blend my love of making films and making music often, so music editing is also a big passion of mine. My favorite part of making a film is choosing which music will go where and how that music will be created. I tend to like sciptwriting more than actual filming, but I am really laidback when it comes to what I want to do in life. I love writing scripts, but if you need me to edit, I'll happily do that. I try not to keep myself confinded to one particular skill that I want to master and begin a career with, rather, I would prefer to have a wide range of skills that I enjoy doing.


I was born on March 29th, 1998 in a little place in New Jersey. But I'm not talking like Jersey Shore type of New Jersey. I'm way closer to Philadelphia. Growing up, I was a pretty hyper kid. I was big on sports and wanted to try out every single one of them. Softball, basketball, and volleyball were the three that I actually enjoyed doing the most. But around 6th grade I discovered the Beatles. Flash forward a few months from then, I'm learning guitar! And flash forward a few more years I'm beginning to write my own music and lyrics, as well as trying to record my own original songs. So, safe to say, I kind of lost it for sports. By high school I was much more into music, with a hobby of mine being film. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved holding a video camera. My family owned the classic 90s camcorder, an essential for home movies. But around the mid-2000s, my dad updated it and we had a newer (but old to us now!) camcorder that my sister and I would record our own silly sketch shows on. When my parents saw how much I enjoyed filming with this camera, I got a digital one for Christmas one year! This began my own video projects. Now I didn't have to ask permission to borrow a camera, as I had my own. It was much smaller, less clunky, and I would be able to carry it with me anywhere I wanted to and just be able to whip it out whenever to record whatever I wanted. My friends hopped on this bandwagon immediately. They LOVED my camera, so they would volunteer to be my "actors" in any projects I had planned. We would gather for sleepovers but end up writing scripts, rehearsing in the basement, doing our makeup and picking out costumes, and then finally film a half-decent video!

In high school, I realized that since music is such a risky path to get a career in, I decided that I should go with my gut and take up a film major. I went to a Catholic high school, so creativity and the arts was pretty much nowhere to be found. Thankfully, through the help of self-teaching, my friends, and the power of YouTube, I began to learn more of the technical ways to write and record videos, as well as the types of films I'd be interested in making. I finished high school and decided on Arcadia University, due to its incredible study abroad program. I plan on going to London next year in the spring to further pursue my film degree. The school I am interested in the University of Westminster, a place I've been dreaming of going to since high school! And now it's finally happening! So this is where my life leaves off, for now, eagerly awaiting, planning, and preparing to start a new journey abroad to further my skills and career!

Thanks for reading!