My Favorite Websites


These are the websites I like to use for school projects.
Slate is a news source website. It is great to find information regarding politics.
The NYtimes is a scholarly news source that targets main stream media.
Imdb is a movie/ actor website where you can find all of the details and ratings of any film or actor rank.
Arcadi's website is not only helpful when wanting to use my email, but also a great resource to find free texts to read from their online library.

For Fun

These are the projects I like to use during my free-time.
Espn is a sports website. It covers every sport in the U.S. and streams them internationally.
Netflix is a great cite when you do not have cabel. It has tons of movies and TV shows on it.
Hulu is another cite that has the option to watch Tv shows and movies. It also has the option of watching trailers, or clips from different films.
Facebook is a social media platform. It helps me connect with friends who live in different countries.