Muhammad Moiz Saeed Biography

I'm Muhammad Moiz Saeed, I prefer to be called by my last name for 'obvious' reasons. I'm an international student here at Arcadia University.I'm from Pakistan. I started my sophomore year this semester as I started College in the spring.
I'm in the engineering program, The 3+2 where I have to spend 3 years at Arcadia and 2 years at either Columbia or Washington University in St. Louis depending on how well I do at Arcadia. I'm gonna be doing Industrial Engineering to get a sense of how the whole business model works.

I currently have the mindset to create a Business Empire that comes under the Fortune 500 companies. More so, I feel like the whole education system needs to be changed. The fact that Children feel like the only passion they can manifest is in sports(for the most part) is sad for the fact that children aren't allowed to actually discover and taste a variety of different things in an age where there supposed to discover themselves. I'm also against clinging to Past ideals and having a conservative view to the world. I feel like all the troubles of the world could be solved if People has self expression and self education.