About me

My name is Tatyana Jackson and I am a senior at Arcadia University. I am a video and corporate communications major and I love it. In the future I would like to be a video editior or producer. I have learned a lot in my past four years here at Arcadia and I am excited to graduate. I look forward to what my future holds working in the real world. Arcadia is a great school that has helped me advance my techniques in video editing. These skills will be helpful in my future as a video editior or producer. I am one of five children and I have one sister and three brothers. I also have a dog named Scarface but he is nothing like the actual Scarface. I love dogs and would love to have a few more dogs in the future.

In my free time I like to learn new makeup techniques, hangout with friends, and go to the gym. Makeup has always been something I loved to do. Makeup to me is a way to express myself. I also think of makeup as an art because there is so much you can do with makeup. I think many people do not realize how much creativty or skill makeup takes. Hanging out with friends is something I think is good for your soul. I think being around happy postive people will help your life a little better. Going to the gym is something new I just recently started and actually is really relaxing for me. I think the atmosphere and just zoning out to music while you exercise is something that is relaxing to myself and a lot of others.

I also love to travel, traveling has been a passion of mine since I was younger. I would always love going on roadtrips. My family would go on many roadtrips to Flordia every year. My freshman year here at Arcadia I went to London for my preview class. This was one of the best experinces I had of traveling. London was very different than American but I loved the atmosphere there. Also leaarning a lot about the London music scene and comparing it to the Philly music scene was fun to see the similarities and differences. Overall I would go back to London and I plan on going back in the future. I also plan on traveling more once I graduate.