Finding your perfect shade

The most important part of starting your makeup is foundation. the foundation is what brings your makeup together. However, a lot of us struggle to find our perfect foundation shade and sometimes it isn’t our fault. Sometimes we can’t find our perfect foundation shade because a brand has not made it or we are picking the wrong type of foundation for our skin. Many women struggle to find their perfect foundation shade because of this. A lot of things go into finding your perfect shade including your undertone, and skin type. If you have dry skin you will want to find a foundation that is more hydrating but if you have oily skin you will want a foundation with a more matte finish. According to Glamour “You might be quick to blame your skin, but in most cases, it’s the makeup you’re choosing for your skin. Foundation mistakes are tough to avoid—you’re dealing with, in essence, a one-size-fits-all product—but there are a few factors to consider before you even buy the bottle (or stick!) that’ll ensure you’re getting the most from the formula you choose.” 

Once you have your perfect shade what now? What should you use to apply your foundation? Well it depends on the thickness of your foundation and the coverage you want. A thicker foundation will apply better with a brush and a lighter foundation will apply better with a beauty blender or sponge. A sponge will give a lighter coverage and a brush will give you more coverage. That’s all it takes to find your perfect shade and how to apply foundation. Now get out there and start looking!


New trends that will be big

What is the key to making a makeup trend become a big trend? The answer is making sure it’s something exciting! A lot of makeup trends we have now we used to use 30 years ago. The makeup industry loves learning about new things and things that can work for everyone. We also love bringing back “old” trends and putting a different twist on them. This inspiration comes from the runway.

Bright lipstick is making it’s way back into the scene and everyone is loving it so far! According to InStyle, “The bolder, the better” will be your new M.O. when it comes to choosing lipstick in 2018. Although a bright lip has always been the easiest way to add color to your look, this year you’ll see more and more ’80s-inspired brights in the spotlight like Saorise Ronan’s  fuchsia lipstick. And while liquid lipsticks aren’t going anywhere, traditional bullets are also making a comeback.”  

Something new that is a big new trend is negative space eyeliner. This gives a unique twist on the traditional eyeliner we all know in love. According to InStyle, “Get your black eyeliner ready. While a cat eye is a staple, switch things up this year by giving your sharp flick a new look. Leaving the inside of the wing unfilled for a negative space effect is just as easy to do, but makes your usual liner look so much cooler.”

Now it is up to you to find which trends you love but don’t forget to give them all a try!