1. Brittana

The best couple on the entire show.  This is a fact, not an opinion. They top the list for so many reasons, but the most important one is that they brought out the best in each other. Brittany made Santana a better person and always encouraged her to be herself. Santana was there to remind Brittany that she had more worth than people assigned her. On-again, off-again relationships are usually annoying and frustrating, but this couple is so lovable that you kind of forget that they constantly breakup and get back together. And we love to see a healthy LGTBQ+ couple represented in our favorite show.

Worst Moments:

  1. When Santana refused to acknowledge their relationship or her feelings for Brittany.
  2. When Santana went to college and didn’t make time for Brittany.
  3. When they cheated on other people to be together.

Best Moments:

  1. Their wedding. So gorgeous and very representative of them as a couple.
  3. When Brittany told Santana that it would be okay for her to come out and encouraged her to be true to herself.
  4. Every time Santana reassured Brittany that she’s not stupid.
  5. Every time Santana sings to Brittany or they have a duet (“Songbird” in particular).
  6. When Brittany tries to convince Santana’s grandmother to attend their wedding.
  7. When Brittany made Santana a playlist for Valentine’s Day.

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