3. Faberry

Okay yes, I’m fully aware that they are not a real couple, but shh. The conspiracy theories online are quite convincing so read them before you skip past this couple’s post (https://phdsandpigtails.com/2012/08/25/faberry-further-questions/). They were never an item and are supposedly both straight (even though Quinn had sex with Santana in Season 4), but they would have been such a cool couple. To go from opposite ends of the social totem pole and hating each other to a couple in love? Now that’s a story: the head cheerleader and the musical theater nerd who couldn’t fight the chemistry. Plus, they do have some pretty intense moments. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Worst Moments:

  1. Every time one of them stole Finn from the other.
  2. Every time Quinn insults Rachel.
  3. When Quinn cyberbullies Rachel.
  4. When Quinn uses Rachel so she can cheat on Finn with Puck.
  5. When Quinn frames Rachel for the Glist.

Best Moments:

  1. Rachel’s big speech to Quinn where she talks about how she sees Quinn and that her greatest accomplishment was becoming Quinn’s friend.
  2. When Quinn buys Rachel a train ticket to New Haven to make sure they stay in touch after graduation.
  3. When Rachel tells Finn to buy a corsage with a green ribbon to match Quinn’s eyes.
  4. When Rachel is the first person Quinn shows her Yale acceptance letter to.
  5. When Quinn rigs the votes so Rachel wins prom queen.
  6. When Quinn sends Rachel flowers for her opening night of “Funny Girl” because she can’t be there in person.
  7. When Quinn comes back to Lima to help Rachel recruit for glee club.
  8. I feel Pretty/Unpretty.

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