4. Barole

Barole isn’t a couple that receives a lot of attention from fans and it’s probably because they’re an adult couple on the show. However, their story and relationship is a beautiful one. Two single parents, lonely after the deaths of their spouses who find each other and fall in love. The two of them, along with Finn and Kurt, become a family who supports and loves each other unconditionally.

Worst Moments:

  1. They have none.
  2. See number one.

Best Moments:

  1. Their wedding vows.
  2. When they use the money for their honeymoon to send Kurt to private school for his safety.
  3. When Carole supports Burt during his campaign for congressman.
  4. When Carole stays with Burt through his cancer treatment.
  5. When they get through Finn’s passing together.
  6. When they stay to support the New Directions in season 5, even though it’s hard for them.
  7. When they tell Rachel that it’s okay to move on from Finn and date new people.

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