5. Samcedes

This unexpected pairing made its first appearance at the end of Season 2. A couple that broke up and got back together quite a bit, and it was honestly a little disappointing that they didn’t end up together. They were always smiling together and a very cute couple. Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones’ romance was one of the most mature to appear in the show, which is why they make the list.

Worst Moments:

  1. When Mercedes kisses Sam while she’s still with Shane (just because we love them together doesn’t mean that cheating is excused).
  2. When Sam cheats on Mercedes because he really can’t live without sex.

Best Moments:

  1. When Sam returns and vows to get Mercedes back, He even joins the synchronized swimming team, despite the hit his reputation will take.
  2. When Sam puts Mercedes name in lights and they sing “Human Nature” together.
  3. When Sam records Mercedes’ performance of “Disco Inferno” and posts it online to push her to follow her dreams of performing.
  4. When they have a discussion about the challenges of being an interracial couple and decide to do the damn thing no matter what people will say.
  5. When they decide to break up because Mercedes wants to remain abstinent until marriage and knows it is not fair to ask Sam to wait.
  6. When they are still best friends post-breakup and Mercedes pushes Sam to pursue his feelings for Rachel.

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