Mushrooms of Platte Clove

  • Milky Caps Lactarius volemus
    Milky Caps Lactarius volemus -poisonous


Honey Mushroom: Armillaria Gallica

Identification: Cap tan to golden yellow; prominent ring on stem; white spore print; black “shoestring” cords (rhizomorphs) that transport food to growing hyphae

All Armillaria are edible 


 Emetic Russula: Stropharia rugusoannulata —Russula emetica

 stored on branches of black spruce by squirrels.


Crown-topped Coral Fungus: 
Clavicorona pyxidata

Another cool fungus I spotted is the Crown-tipped Coral Fungus growing on the forest floor. It’s scientific name is Clavicorona pyxidata. This was new one for me and I found it growing on the forest floor in a grove of old growth red pine and spruce trees.

Fly Agaric : Amanita muscaria
Identification: Cap yellow to orange with white scales that are remnants of the universal veil; white gills free from stalk; white veil; an amanita mushroom, beautiful, but hallucinogenic and poisonous.





 Milky Caps Lactarius volemus

Identification: Cap rounded, center often depressed; all members of this group contain a latex that is exuded when the gills are cut Season of fruiting: Summer-fall Ecosystem function: Mycorrhizal with conifer and hardwood trees Edibility: Not recommended; mushrooms with a latex that turns yellow or lilac color are poisonous 


 Psilocybe caerulipes – psychotropic mushroom



Lactarius mammosus

Oyster mushrooms in the hood : these are very edible.  Eat them when they are young and soft.