UEFA League Round of 8

The end of the second leg has come and the easy 8 have become the final four. Sporting CP hosted Atletico Madrid in Estadio Jose Alvalade and scored only a single goal at home. While they were able to prevent Madrid form scoring the defense that Mardid put prevented Sporting from scoring anymore points, knocking them out of the competition ending their match ended with and aggregate score of 2-1 in Madrid’s favor. In Moscow, CSKA Moscow as able to tie Arsenal at VEB Arena. Moscow was able to two goals in the beginning of the match and shortly into the the second half. The Gunners were able to add pressure later into the game and score 2 goals and prevent Moscow from regaining the upper hand and ended the game in a tie letting Arsenal take the win with an aggregate score of 6-3.

The greatest upsets happened with the two matches between Marseille and Leipzig and Lazio and Salzburg. Last match at the Red Bull Arena, Marseille lost the bout with Leipzig, ending with the Die Bullen having won the leg with a 1-0 lead. At their home stadium of Stade Velodrome, Les Olympiens and Die Bullen smashed into intense competition with Leipzig scoring the first goal within 2 minutes, with Marseille scoring a goal at 6 minute mark off of the knee of a Leipzig defender. Before the first half finished, Marseille was ahead with its three goals against Leipzig’s one. Once the second started, the competition continued to heat up with Leipzig scoring another goal by the 55 minute mark but once again Les Olympiens retaliated with a goal of their own. Die Bullen looked as if there were going to score another goal in an attempt to equalize but Marseille took control of the panic and ran the ball across the field and with no resistance score the final goal ending it 5-2 with an aggravated score of 5-3, earning their spot on the final four. In Austria, Salzburg was up against Lazio which held a 4-2 advantage over them. Much like Marseille, Salzburg took advantage of home field. For the first half of they match they prevented Lazio from pressing their points advantage with an excellent defense. Finally after 55 minutes scored the first goal of the match, but Salzburg changed the momentum of the match and scored scored right away at the 56 minute. They kept using the momentum and scored 3 more goals, shocking the defenders with repeated goals at the 72, 74, and 76 minute mark. With the match ending in a 4-1 win for Salzburg and a close 6-5 aggregate score, they got placed into the final four.