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With the first leg done as of April 5th, every team did their best to try and remain on top. As expected Atletico Madrid was able to soundly defeat Sporting CP. In just the opening minute Madrid was able to score a goal and once again before the end of the first half. By the second half Madrid was still in control but were unable to drive the advantage, ending the match with a 2-0 on home ground.

The prediction that RB Leipzig would hold the advantage over Marseille with the slightest of advantages come forth as both teams demonstrated equal tenacity in Germany. Les Olympiens was close to striking home a goal by the extended time on the first half but stubborn German resistance by the defense prevented them from pressing on. Within a couple of seconds the Les Olympiens stumbled their attack, Die Bullen stole the ball and ran towards the opposite end with Timo Werner scoring a quick, cheeky goal ending the game 1-0.

The greatest surprise came from Arsenal and CSKA Moscow. Arsenal was able to draw first goal at home at the 8’ mark but Moscow was able to pull off a penalty kick and score by the 14th minute. Arsenal was able to pull in another goal with a penalty kick in the 22nd minute and scores another within 6 minutes. Keeping control of the field Arsenal was able to one last time at the 34th minute, solidly ending the match in their favor at Emirates Stadium within the first half.

Meanwhile in Rome Lazio put a brilliant home game attack against the Austrians. Scoring in the 7th, Lazio held the advantage, only giving Salzburg a penalty goal in the 27th minute. Once the second half started, Le Aquiles scored once again but Salzburg returned the favor in the 70th minute. Salzburg put up a inspiring attack but were unable to equalise once Lazio scored again in the 74th and 76th minutes ending the match 4-2.

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