Semi-Finals Sonata Leg 1

As the first leg of the semifinals comes to an end, we are met with a surprise. The fans in Marseille were fired up as their team put up a great home ground advantage against Salzburg. Within 15 minutes, Marseille were able to score the first goal, with Florian Thauvin headbutting the ball in the Austrian goal net. After being brought in, within minutes Marseille was able to score once again with Clinton N’jié making a rushing goal. Die Roten Bullen were no slouches has they tried to use their skill as a passing team to try throughout the game, but les Olympiens held fast and goalie Yohaan Pelé proving to be a confident defender. While Salzburg did have a lot of opportunities, It was Marseille who took the advantage. That being said, it would be a complete loss if Salzburg isn’t able to preform better when they take the match home. 

Now for the big stunnin’ in London. Within the first 2 minutes a yellow card was already given to Madrid as Croatian right back Šime Vrsaljko tripped a player. This must have been a bad omen for the player as within the 9th minute he got a red card for once again tripping a player and was out of the game. It wasn’t all bad news for Atletico Madrid, they were able to stave off multiple English attempts to try and goal early in the game. The Gunners tried their hardest, even when they were a man up, and finally scored a goal at home by the 61 minutes. Not to be outdone los Rojiblancos pulled off an impressive reversal on the home team with Antoine Griezmann running pass the Arsenal defenders and scoring for Madrid. 1-1 is how the game ended, terrible for Arsenal but amazing for Madrid. If Madrid is able to control the home advantage next leg, Madrid will come on top.