Final Four Free-for-all

As the first semi-final matches approach, April 26th, it is time to analysis the teams and players in an attempt to who will ascend to the top. Up first the titans that had shown their prowess. Arsenal and Atletico Madrid shown their power as they were the two teams to soundly defeat every opponent who faced them along the way. Between the two, both teams have shown that they are capable of eliminating 

In comparison to Atletico Madrid and Arsenal, Marseille and Red Bull are the true wild card of the semi-finals. Both teams have tried their hardest to make it to the final four but now have to go in the fire once more to have a shot of making it toward the finals. If we were to look at past history, Marseille had only made it to runner ups in 1998-1999 in which the lost the title to Parma Calcio (3-0) in Moscow and in 2003-2004 where they lost to Valencia (2-0) at Gothenburg, Sweden. In comparison Red Bull were only in the finals once in the 1993-1994 season where they lost to Internazionale (2-0) and that was before they had were bought by Red Bull GmbH and declared in a statement that “[Red Bull Salzburg] is a new team with no prior history].” Both teams have the potentional to chaange histroy and become the first of their repctive nations to be