UEFA League Round of 16

The round of 16 has ended and the quarter finals are on their way. In this stage we saw upsets and dominations. Starting with matches that ended in total victories, Atletico Madrid won against Lokomotiv Moscow (8-1), Arsenal defeated AC Milan (5-1) in great upset at Emirates Stadium, London with Danny Welbeck scoring twice during the final leg. Milan made multiple attempts to try and even out the score difference but the Arsenal defense have done much to slow and prevent any attempts for Milan to score a goal. CSKA Moscow had a close match with Lyon, with Lyon attempting to equalize in the finals minutes but failed to produce another goal when the match closed, ending in a 2-3 victory for Moscow. Both teams draw 3-3 on aggregate. but since CSKA Moscow was able to have more goals on an away match, they were declared the winner, knocking Lyon out of the tournament. Despite the close match SS Lazio, Red Bull Salzburg, RasenBallsport Leipzig, Olympique de Marseille, Sporting CP, and CSKA Moscow have made it towards the quarter finals.

Between Lazio and Red Bull Salzburg there is much debate between which of the two teams would come out on top. Both teams will need to rely on momentum to try and get ahead of the other. My conclusion is that based on the past results of the two teams, this will be a close match as the these two teams currently came been doing okay during the run up of the tournament but Salzburg had met Lazio twice before in similar circumstances and lost both times. RB Leipzig and Marseille will have the favor slightly in Leipzig as, Marseille has done slightly better match-per-match compared to Leipzig. Atletico Madrid and Sporting CP will be heavily in Madrid’s favor as the powerhouse will have no trouble in overcoming the Portuguese club. Arsenal and CSKA Moscow will be a tough, drawn out match as the two teams are very competitive. The previous time these two teams have met, 2006 Champions League, Moscow came out on top with only one goal.

These UEFA League matches will beginning Thursday, April 5th with current estimates that Atletico Madrid will soundly defeat Sporting CP, Atletico Madrid has had a strong record this season of the Europa League.