UEFA League Round of 4

Now the end of the the semifinals has arrived and we are met with the last of the of the two teams. The winners of their respective matches are Atletico Madrid and Marseille. At home in Madrid, Atletico was able to fend off multiple attempts by the Gunners to score. Once extended time in the first half has nearing its end, with Diego da Silva Costa of Atletico scoring the only goal, sending Madrid forward. In Salzburg, the Red Bulls did their best to try and contain the advance of les Olympiens. They were able to halt the advance of them but in a chance goal in extended overtime, as the Red Bulls were able to score twice, Marseille put in the final goal, giving them a aggregated 3-2 win over die Bullen.

For Marseille this will be an important moment in their history as it will be the second time they reached the finals. In comparison they will face a tough opponent in Atletico Madrid as they have won the Europa League twice, in 2010 and 2012. Marseille have made it to the finals and lost to Spanish team Valencia. Atletico has maintained a powerful preference throughout the tournaments. Marseille do have a chance to pull off some miracle goals and defenses but ultimately it will fall on Atletico’s power to maintain the advantage.