Anchoring (Stay at home defense)

Today we will talk about the heart and soul of the defending team, the anchors. The anchors are the people who stay in the room the entire round and make sure no attackers get into the objective. As an anchor you are the one is making sure everything that needs to be barricaded is barricaded. Sometimes when you are playing bomb or defending certain spots you will wan to purposely leave walls un-barricaded. The point of leaving these walls un-barricaded is so that you can use your impact grenades or nitro cell to make a rotation hole. Rotation holes are hugely important in bomb because you have to defend two sites and if you had to run all the way around through the doors every time it would take way too long and the attackers would always know exactly where you were coming from. So you want these rotation holes to make defending multiple sights easier with safe lines of sight and faster ways into the different objectives. 

The next thing you want to be doing as an anchor is picking a useful anchor character. If you pick Jager and sit in the room you aren’t technically doing anything wrong but the team would be much better off if Jager was roaming and you had a character with more armor defending the objective. So the most common anchors are Rook, Doc, Echo, and Mira. The trap operators can also be ok anchors but they can’t get an acog on their gun like other three armor operators. The acog scope is really helpful when you’re trying to hold those tight lines of sight, which is what you want to do in order to keep yourself safe from attackers. Now all of this being said, an anchor really does not have to do anything unless the roamers have failed to stop the attackers. I usually play frost as an anchor because I love her gun but for about 75% of the round I am doing nothing because the roamers are distracting the attackers and that is how it should be. The anchor is the last line of defense but keep in mind you do need to stay present in the game. If the attackers see that that the defenses are weak or that there is no one in the room they will very likely rush the room and take over the objective making it next to impossible for the defenders to win that round. As many times as I have not even seen an enemy because my roamers are doing their job, I have seen attackers rush an empty objective and win the round because the defenders were not paying attention.