Attack vs. Defense

Attack vs Defense                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Today I will tell you about all the ins and outs of attacking vs defending in rainbow six.

                Attack is all about strategy, the best way to win a round attacking is to have a strategy with your team and to execute it. Usually you’ll want to split up into two or three teams to attack from different angles and make it more difficult for the defenders to stop you. Another thing that’s very important is your drone, being in teams makes it easy for one person to drone and the other to stand back and cover them or move in for a kill if the drone spots a defender. You’re going to want to spend almost the entire first minute droning, trying to find the roamers around where you want to enter the building. After that you’re on the clock and you need to start pushing into the building and clearing out the roamers, usually they’ll be caviera, jager, bandit, and ela. If you can drone out the defenders it gives you a huge advantage because you’ll know exactly where they are and how you can get to them.


                Defending has two parts, anchors and roamers. If the roamers are doing their job the anchors should never have to lift a finger. Roamers are the ones trying to pick off the defenders as they come into the building but really they are just a distraction, if they can distract the attackers long enough the attackers will run out of time and won’t be able to push into the room fast enough. Roamers should set up their barricades and then get out of the room as fast as possible. Very often it is the roamers job to barricade hatches but sometimes it is smart for the anchors to go up and get the hatches. They usually need less time to set up in the beginning so after the roamer puts up their barricades in the room they are free. Having the anchors place hatches is really only a big deal if you’re having a hard time with jackal though. Once the round starts the anchors should be on cameras trying to see where the attackers are coming from so they can guide the roamers on where to go. In the beginning of the round roamers should try to position themselves where the enemy would be coming in and you could catch them off guard. There is also the option for defenders to run outside and try to get some quick kills but that is a very risky move and once you start playing better opponents it will fail more often than not. After the attackers have pushed into the building and the roamers have engaged them there isn’t usually much anchors can do to help. They can be looking on cameras but if the cameras are all destroyed they should be trying to find a tight angle they can hold while the attackers are trying to push into the room. Usually if the team has not started pushing yet they will start with around thirty seconds left and they will be opening up everything they can trying to get a shot on the anchors in there. The anchors mostly just have to survive and kill anyone who walks into their line of sight.