Thermite vs Hibana

This is the first comparison of two specific characters I will do, up today are Thermite and Hibana. For a long time the only person in the game that could break down reinforced walls was Thermite. If you did not have him on your team while you were attacking you were simply wrong, until Hibana came along. So both of them do pretty much the same thing, they can break reinforced walls where other operators cannot. Thermite has to get up close to the wall to place a large exothermic charge but Hibana can sit back and shoot her exploding pellets at the walls from a distance. 







+Great gun, accurate and powerful

+When a charge blows up it creates a huge hole that the defenders cannot repair

 -Having to be close up to use gadget puts him in danger and makes him a target

-Only two charges

-Not always needed




+Three speed with small hitbox makes it hard for the enemy to headshot you

+Three charges

+Can shoot from a distance to stay safe, especially when getting hatches

+Fully automatic sidearm

+More versatile in team roles than Thermite

-Gun has high recoil and small magazine

-Cant always get you in the room


So from this it would seem like Hibana is just better than Thermite but that is not necessarily true. Thermites gun is really really good, especially compared to Hibana’s and the small clip size is killer especially since she has nothing to compensate for it(Blackbeard has a small magazine size but he has a big shield on his gun so that definitely makes up for it). Also in the list above you see that I put that Hibana cannot always get you into the room. Now if you’re willing to sacrifice all of your pellets you can get in the room just fine but very often that is not how things go. You use a charge here and a charge there and when youre ready to breach the room you only have one charge left forcing you to either make a window to try and peak through or a hole you can crawl through or you have to go through the doors. Making a window can work sometimes and so can a crawl space but 9 times out of 10 the defenders will be waiting for you to poke your head through and kill you as soon as you peek. Thermite on the other makes holes big enough for the whole team to walk through with ease. A good Hibana can be just as effective as Thermite, if not more effective, but it takes a lot of practice to know where you should be putting your pellets and whether you should blow a hatch with them or save them for breaching the room. All in all I personally pick Thermite over Hibana every time because his gun is so much better, but I also do believe that a really good Hibana would be more useful than a really good Thermite. This is all depending on where youre attacking as well, some spots you only want one or the other.