Trap Operators – how to be a proper nuisance

Trap operators, the bane of any Ash mains existence. As siege continues to grow we see the addition of more and more trap operators to the game. Long ago the only trapper was Kapkan, and he was totally useless since you see his traps sticking through the wall. Some people might think of Smoke as a trapper as well but in my opinion his gadget is better suited for saving, not trying to lay traps with it. So the second real trapper was Frost, who hasn’t had any gadget changes but she has been heftily nerfed. She was around in the days of op shotguns and nitro cells that were basically mini-nukes, there was no escaping when you heard that ripping noise. The third trap operator we got was Lesion, who has not seen any nerfs or buffs to my knowledge; his gu damage might have been buffed but I’m not positive about that. Now the latest trapper is Ela, who has been nerfed about 300 times but is still very good. Now lets talk specifics.

Kapkan is okay because you can’t see his traps anymore but he has so many to put down and not the best gun that he does not get picked often. If you are picking Kapkan I would suggest putting your bombs near entrances to the building, people usually run in through those doors without checking for traps and you have a good chance of lowering a few of the attackers to half health before they are even in the building.

Frost is the defender I play as the most even though very few people play as her. I try to put the traps in dark spots where people will not be looking, or somewhere they are vaulting over and would not expect a bear trap to be. I also like to put one behind a deploy-able shield near the objective because if someone without any explosives is forced to attack the room they jump right into and either fall in it or you can kill them easily while they try to shoot the bear trap.

Lesion is probably the best trapper at the moment, his gu is incredibly useful. You can place them anywhere and the operators can’t see them most of the time. The even better thing about this is that you can see where the traps are and when one gets stepped on you’ll immediately know where the attackers are. This kind of information is too good to pass up and I should honestly start playing Lesion if I’m going to play a trap operator.

Ela is also a very good trapper, putting the concussion mines in the room is always a safe bet because there’s nothing worse than trying to attack at the last second and then becoming concussed and not being able to hit a single shot. Unfortunately her gun is a pea shooter, but the plus side is that this is siege and all you need to do is land one of your forty bullets in the head. She is a roamer though, as the other three are anchors most of the time. Lesion can roam too but if you have two other people who are better suited for roaming he should stay near to the objective.