Welcome, traveler.

So you’re going abroad. Or you’re thinking of going abroad. What a wonderful place to be in – I truly envy you!

Peruse this site to find How To’s for everything from packing to navigating a relationship.

Who am I?

Here I am in Amsterdam!

After studying abroad twice, first in London and then in Perugia, Italy, people started to come to me asking for advice about studying abroad. They seemed to feel like I was some kind of expert – which, obviously, isn’t the case. I’ve gathered more information about what not to do than what to do when studying abroad. Missed a train? Check. Missed a bus? Check. Missed a plane? Check. I’ve cried in airports across Europe. I forgot my hairbrush packing for a trip to France. I’ve let nerves swell up and bowl me over as I crossed the ocean on my way to another adventure.

Why did I create Go Abroad?

As I finish out my senior year of college, I’m reflecting on all of this, and wishing that someone would have been there to give me frank and honest advice about the trials and tribulations that going abroad involves, and how to best seize the day and not let those problems overwhelm you.

I decided to put all of my experience to good use and create Go Abroad. This site is designed to give you tips, tricks, and insider information on how to study abroad. It’s not a whirlwind party, even though all of your relatives will think it is. There’s going to be lost luggage, homesickness, and plenty of language confusion. But you’ve applied to programs, booked your ticket, and you’re ready to go – so dive on in!