About Me

Hello! My name is Jamie. 

Music is a gigantic part of my life, especially if we’re talking classic rock 1960s-1970s sort of range. So, of course, I love going to see people live! Of course, sometimes I’ve had to pass on a band I love coming to town, but generally I have a personal mantra when it comes to concerts: if somebody you love is coming to town, do what you can to see them…because when will be the next time you can? Aside from overly priced tickets, concerts are one of the most enjoyable events a person could go to (in my opinion). So, I’ve written this blog to share with you a few of my favorites! I’m lucky enough to live by Philadelphia, which thankfully, manages to be a stop on many tours.

I’ve seen people at large arenas and small, intimate clubs. I can’t decide which I love more, since I’ve yet to see a bad show! Aside from reviews and stories, you can also read up on some information regarding these bands such as the setlists that were played, opening acts, previous tours, and the names of everybody in the touring band. You can also take a look at pictures taken by me at these shows!

So enjoy my blog which celebrates some of the greatest artists I’ve seen live! Maybe I’ll influence you to do the same, or maybe it can just be an interesting read. Regardless, have fun!