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Whenever I am flying, I love to take pictures of the planes I’m flying or the wing pic (my personal favorite). Going through my phone you can find a ton of airplane and airport pictures. They personally just make me happy because it is not everyday I can fly, but when I capture the moment, I have that little bit of joy to look upon. Everyday, we can see millions of people flying, and it is helping people connect from all over the world. And that is how I go beyond my dreams.


April 30th, 2018 Routes

New Routes

Photo by Jeff, A319 @ PBI


Air Belgium moves Hong Kong Launch

The airline was suppose to commence today, April 30th

KF851 CRL – HKG 343

KF852 HKG – CRL 343

But will now start June 3rd, 2018


Air Belgium is an interesting new airline coming alive in Europe. I like the idea of another Belgian carrier to complete with Brussels Airlines, but the route choice is odd. Brussels Charleroi to Hong Kong sounds fine, but I don’t like the fact that it is flying out of Charleroi. Brussels Airport would of been more appropriate for sure. The A340-300 is slowly becoming a fossil but I always enjoy seeing airlines keeping it alive. All in all, this is a unique route that we should watch.

Hainan Airlines adds Guangzhou to Tel Aviv service

The airline will commence service August 2nd, 2018

HU455 CAN – TLV 789

HU456 TLV – CAN 789

It will operate 3 times a week


Okay I love Hainan Airlines. They just keep adding these random but super successful routes from various different airports in China, to Europe, North America, and Oceania. Their tactic is so vast and they commence these hidden gems of routes. I for sure love this route. Tel Aviv is a hot market right now and I like this link to Guangzhou for sure. The Boeing 787-9 is an excellent choice and a power house for the airline. I hope to see well success with this route.

Avianca starts Guatemala City to Chicago service

The route will begin April 1st, 2019

AV572 GUA – ORD A320

AV573 ORD – GUA A320

The route will operate with an Airbus A320 aircraft


Avianca is a huge competitor in Central and South America. They dominate in Columbia and are very nice to fly with. They have an extensive history and this new route is a nice one to add. Recently, Chicago is becoming a big link for Central and South America, so I expect this route to be successful especially for tourists and people visiting family. The aircraft choice is very appropriate, and I approve of this route. Can’t wait to see how it works out next year.


April 22nd, 2018 Routes

New Routes

Photo by Jeff, 737 @ EWR


Air Moldova starts Tel Aviv Service

The airline will start the new route on May 6th

9U547 KIV – TLV x2

9U548 TLV – KIV x2

The airline will use the A320


Air Moldova is a small airline operating out of Chisinau, the capital and largest city of Moldova. I don’t hear too much about this airline so this route does help expand its network. Tel Aviv is a hot market right now with many airlines starting to fly there, while existing ones are increasing operations. The aircraft choice seems perfect because I cannot see this route to operate with a larger aircraft. This route should help Moldova connect to Israel easier and I am sure it will be successful.

JetBlue adds A321 JFK – Long Beach service

The following will be the new changes 

B61013 JFK – LGB 321

B61014 LGB – JFK 321

The mono class A321 will replace the A320


JetBlue is an airline no one can really hate. They have good prices, comfy seats, and a choice of many routes through North and South America. While the A321 is fairly new to its fleet, I can see this upgrade to a larger aircraft to be a success. Yes it does not feature JetBlue Mint seats, which are the suit style first class seats, but we can see more passengers utilizing the larger A321. This route is for sure a less congestive one compared to the JFK – LAX route so we should see some level of success here.

Malaysia Airlines adds A350 Osaka service 

The airline currently uses the A330, but will now switch to the following

MH52 KUL – KIX 359

MH52 KIX – KUL 359


Ah, the  Airbus A350. A newer revolutionary aircraft that goes head to head with the Boeing 787. Malaysia Airlines has seen many highs and lows the past few years with disappearing aircraft (MS370) and financial issues. The addition of the A350 to the airline has helped a lot. It has the perfect amount of seats and can fly passengers in comfort and style. As the future out what to do with their Airbus A380’s, the A350 will come into place nicely. Personally, Osaka seems to be tempting airlines interest so I suppose Malaysia is setting a good standard by sending the A350 there. 



April 15th, 2018 Routes

New Routes


Photo by Jeff Weiss, 737 in EWR


Air China switches up Pakistan Frequencies 

Currently the service shows the following for 4 times a week

CA945 PEK – ISB – KHI 330

CA946 ISB – KHI – PEK 330

The service will now be 3 weekly, rather than 4 


Air China is China’s leading airline, and has quite the extensive service from Beijing. This service to Pakistan is perfect because rather than two routes to both Islamabad and Karachi, they have one route with a stop in both cities. This maximizes aircraft availability and profits. The plane is the Airbus A330-200, a perfect choice for this route. It has enough seats and is efficient on this long haul route. 3 weekly does sound fair, and I suppose that 4th flight was just unprofitable. Overall, this service seems very fair, and organized. 

Air Canada Vancouver to Mexico City flight changes aircraft 

Currently the route serves with a Air Canada Rouge A319

AC996 YVR – MEX 319

AC997 MEX – YVR 319

It will now switch to a mainline Air Canada A319


Air Canada Rouge is a actually been a profitable subsidiary of Air Canada since its establishment in 2012 to help serve leisure destinations. The past couple years I have noticed some Rouge routes being switched back to regular Air Canada service. This route specifically did make sense to be a Rouge route, but I can see the growth of Mexico City being not only for leisure but for business too. This switch should slide in easily, and services on this flight should be good as well. As far as aircraft choice, the A319 may be small but it does hold an appropriate amount of seats. 

Aer Lingus Dublin to Seattle frequency changes

In the summer the service will be 4 flights a week

EI143 DUB – SEA 332

EI142 SEA – DUB 332

In the winter, it will be 3 weekly, rather than 4 


I love love love that Are Lingus is starting this route to Seattle. It offers such an easier connection for people who travel for pleasure and business, which is a hot market currently. I do see an understanding on 3 in the winter, and 4 in the summer, just do to passenger volume, as passengers would probably be traveling more in the summer. As far as aircraft selection, the A330-200 is a fair choice. It has plenty of seats for thus route, and to be honest, the Seattle route won’t be the most profitable route in its North American sector. The A330-300 in its fleet would be too large, and it is stationed on high volume passenger routes. All in all, this frequency and route is excellent, as Are Lingus expands across the world. 


April 9th, 2018 Routes

New Routes


Photo by Jeff Weiss, 737 in PBI



Delta Changes up Orlando to Amsterdam Route

Currently it flies the following 5 weekly

DL126 MCO – AMS 76W

DL127 AMS – MCO 76W

It will be flown 4 weekly rather than 5


It intrigues me the destinations Delta picks for its European hubs. This route however is a real gold mine and I am surprised Dutch national carrier KLM has not started it. Looks like Delta is taking all the profit for this one. The airplane choice is pretty appropriate. I can’t see this route to be majorly successful but it will do good I believe. These 767-300ERs are surely aging and the new A330 NEO and Airbus A350 will take over the usual 767 routes, which is exciting to see.

United resumes year round San Francisco to Auckland service

Currently it flies northern winter months

But from March 29th, 2019 it will be the following with the 777-200ER

UA917 SFO – AKL 777

UA916 AKL – SFO 777


It is so good to see United resume this route. I feel like around 2013 or so, United and American banked on New Zealand and began routes from LAX and SFO. This route is surly a special one and it gives Air New Zealand a run for its money. However, I am not too pleased with the airplane choice. I believe a 787-9 or even the upcoming 787-10 United has on order would be more innovative for this route. The 777 is still an icon, but on a long route like this, the 787 provides more comfort.

Beijing Capital terminates Helsinki route

This newly developing route was suppose to commence in July as the following

JD407 PEK – HEL 330

JD408 HEL – PEK 330

Unfortunately the airline will not commence this route


Beijing Capital Airlines grew very big very quick the past year or so. With new routes spanning to North America, Europe and Oceania, we see the airline spreading its wings with its new found growth, along with its new A350s on order. This route in particular would of been nice to see. It would provide decent competition with Finland’s national carrier Finnair on this route. The bridge between Europe and Asia via Helsinki is a large market provided by Finnair, so it seems to be BCA wanted in on this hot market. The aircraft choice would of been very appropriate. Not too big or small, but if they did send the A350 over, then that would of attracted more potential customers.



March 25th, 2018 Routes

New Routes

Photo by Jeff Weiss, April 2015 EWR


Etihad Airways assigns new aircraft on Abu Dhabi to Perth

Currently the airline has the Boeing 787-9 on route

EY486 AUH – PER 789

EY487 PER – AUH 789

It will now assign the Airbus A330-200

EY486 AUH – PER 332

EY487 PER – AUH 332


The presence in Australia connecting the Europe with Australia via the Middle East is very hot right now. Etihad does not have the strongest presence in Australia compared to its rivals Emirates and Qatar, so switching to an 332 is appropriate seat wise, but I believe this aircraft isn’t the golden standard for this routes. If Etihad had the Boeing 787-8, I would approve of this more, but the 332 can limit seats to make a more appropriate profit. 

Egypt Air resumes Cairo to Moscow-Domodedovo route

The new route will be flown with a 737-800 

MS729 CAI-DME 738

MS30 DME-CAI 738


I’m surprised Egypt Air is not a huge airline. Yes it is a reputable airline serving Egypt, but Egypt has a booming population and I believe Egypt Air can hype up its routes and add more innovative aircraft. This link between Egypt and Moscow has more potential than what the airline is giving it. I would not assign the 738, for it is too small for this medium haul route. An Airbus A330-200 or a Boeing 787-8 would be more fitting, just because it would be more stylish, comfortable and it can transport more passengers between these vast cities. 

Icelandair moves forward with Boeing 737 MAX 8 Newark flights

Currently the Boeing 757-200 is the serving aircraft 

FI623 KEF – EWR 752

FI624 EWR – KEF 757 

Will now be

FI623 KEF – EWR 7M8

FI624 EWR – KEF 7M8


Icelandair is seeing huge growth the past couple years. With becoming a great link between North America and Europe, it is adding new and creative routes, and providing excellent service. With the new 737 MAX aircraft starting to fly its way into airlines, I like to see this aircraft put to use for Icelander, due to its position between North America and Europe. This new aircraft will be a wonderful add on to Newark, my favorite airport, and I look forward to seeing the success of this new aircraft on this popular route.