Destiny 2: Improvements and Shortcomings

So this is sort of difficult for me. One of the first games I got for my PS4 was the first Destiny game. I put so many hours into that game, the story, raids, and crucible. I did my best to piece together the mess of throwaway phrases and statements that they called “lore”. The universe enthralled me for some reason. The last city on earth defended from evil and darkness by magical guardians who got their powers from a moon thing that suddenly appeared. The lack of information was written off as mystery and intrigue. Eventually I just stopped playing this game, but I kept hope that the sequel would be even better. 


Destiny 2 title screenThe graphics of Destiny 2 have improved since the first game, which already looked good. The graphics of the environments in the first Destiny stayed fairly realistic, keeping with its theme of planets that had been colonized by humans then lost to alien races. Destiny 2; however, leans fully into its space setting, giving the player colorful and alien environments that are completely out of this world. The familiar aliens also come in different colors and types than were first seen. 

Destiny is now famous for its ridiculous number of weapons and armor. In addition to all the different looking designs, there are also many shaders that can change the color and cosmetics of these weapons and armor. There is the occasional load time when you switch out weapons and armor so you may find yourself holding a translucent flickering gun. 


Story and Characters

Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard, holding a chickenAnother addition is characters that are more than one-dimensional. Fan favorite Cayde-6 plays a large role in the story, and the other members of the Vanguard clearly have feelings and ambitions. A nice change from the few lines of dialogue that gave players a simple idea of the characters’ personality. Some of the new characters received better treatment, with actual backstories and interesting quirks. My favorite new character is an AI found on Nessus, that glitched itself and now has a split personality. The villain, Ghaul, is a large and terrifying Cabal leader, his only desire is the power of the Traveler, and he has the power to take it. While there are only two or three interactions between your character and Ghaul, his cut scenes and dialogue with the Speaker are interesting. 

While there improvements from Destiny, Destiny 2’s story still falls short of comparable game’s narratives. 


The weapons system in Destiny 2 has been overhauled. The same types of weapons exist, but now there is little difference between the weapons in your first and second slot. The primary weapons are still kinetic and secondaries are still energy weapons; however, you can now have two auto rifles in the first and second slot. Instead of heavy weapons the player gets power weapons, which include shotguns and snipers. As a result of this I found myself using these two weapons less. Grenade launchers are another addition but they’re not particularly fun to use. Machine guns and rocket launchers are most likely to be the gun in my power slot. 

While there is more to do from the first game, there’s still not enough. Players can explore for loot, do adventures, strikes, raids, story missions, and events that happen every couple of minutes, but these get old after a while. If Bungie wants to keep players or get new ones, they have to introduce more and they have to do it for free. More paid DLC will turn players away. 


On the other hand, the multiplayer Crucible is a lot of fun. After all the time I spent playing the first Destiny, my performance in the Crucible was very good. Even though I hadn’t touched the first game in months, I was getting a kill death ratio of 5 pr so. There are now more game modes and you are automatically put in a playlist of different modes. There is also a competitive playlist, and certain cosmetic items list your competitive kills. 


Rating: 3/5

I wanted to love this game. I wanted to put as much time into it and love it even more than the first, and while it has improvements, it still feels like more of the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a drag after the first 30+ hours. If you want fast paced multiplayer, the Crucible may be for you. If you want a fun game to play with a couple of buddies this can fit, but if you’re looking for an epic world with a strong story and incredible, complex characters, I suggest looking elsewhere.