Draft Results

The draft has come to an end and there were a lot of surprises and crazy moments. Baker Mayfield going to the Browns was the best move they could have possibly mad getting a great leader and the most accurate passer out of all this year’s prospects. The off the field issues will prove to be nothing with him as a great young leader. Going to one of the worst picks Josh Allen is now on the Buffalo Bills and they traded up and spent the number seven pick on him. They picked him before a guy like Josh Rosen. Allen will to me, prove to be a bust with not much in the area of accuracy he just has size and strength. 

Rosen fell into Arizona’s lap and they will prove to have gotten a steal. The Ravens may have drafted their next franchise quarterback in Lamar Jackson. The Giants took a running back at the number two pick something a few years ago we would have never thought would have happened proving that running back value is back up in this league. The Seahawks stunned the NFL analysts drafting Rashaad Penny at number twenty seven will he prove to finally fill the shoes left empty by Marshawn Lynch a couple of years ago. They also had a steal in the fifth round with linebacker Shaquem griffin who fell to them in round five when I was expecting him to go in round three. He joins his twin in the Emerald City now all he has to do is prove his doubters wrong, like he has his entire life.

Draft Prospects Landing Possibilities

The draft is only a couple of weeks away and there are prospects rumored to go all over the NFL. Let’s discuss a few of the spots for this year’s college athletes to find themselves drafted.

The Quarterbacks.

We will start off with Baker Mayfield who has been linked to teams such as the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets. While other teams are in need of a QB these two seem to be the most talked about for the Oklahoma QB. As for USC’s Sam Darnold and UCLA’s Josh Rosen it seems like every single QB needy team has been linked to Sam and Josh – CLE,  BUF, ARI, NYJ, NYG, etc. all seem to be looking to snatch one of these talents. Finally lets talk about Lamar Jackson who may either see himself in the cold of Boston the be Tom Brady’s successor or in the dry heat of Arizona as the top teams looking at Lamar as of right now.

Other Big Names.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Some other star soon to be draftees include Shaqueem Griffin the linebacker with one hand who dominated the combine. The Eagles and Seahawks have both had meetings with Shaq, to add onto that Seattle already has Griifin’s twin brother on roster in Shaquille Griffin. Bradley Chubb this class’s best pass rushing prospect seems destined to wear blue next season whether the blue is Giant blue or Colt blue we will have to wait and see. Finally, we can talk about perhaps the best running back prospect of all time, Saquon Barkley. The Browns could be the biggest player for Saquon, but if QB’s start making a run and Barkley falls Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Seattle may all take a hard look at him.


Team Needs Post FA

Many teams made some splash moves during this year’s free agency period. However, every team still has weak spots they still need to address if they are to rise up this coming season. We will start with the NFC east and the Eagles whose biggest need at the moment is tackle because they need to find Jason Peters replacement soon and with him missing time last season the line suffered. As for the Redskins they need some corner help now with the exits of Breeland and Fuller. Dallas could use really any kind of defensive back help because their back four have been poor for awhile. The Giants are still in the hole at offensive line even more so with the exit of their center.

Moving on to the AFC east the Bills Need some quarterback competition for McAaron and with two first round picks they have the capital to draft a top five QB. The Patriots need to replace Malcolm Butler that was evident in the super bowl. The Jets and Dolphins have too many glaring needs to focus a lot on one specific. Seattle is in need of serious CB help with the release of Sherman. Arizona need a young QB they can develop behind Bradford for a year.

Some other teams whose biggest need is quarterback are Denver and Cleveland who both acquired guys who can play, but they aren’t long term options. The Buccaneers and Lions should be  in the market for a new running back. The Panthers and Ravens need help at receiver with no real number one options on the roster currently. Some teams have more than one pressing need while others have more depth issues than actual holes.

Free Agent Fallout


After the first wave of free agency finally came to an end the NFL still had a few premier talents left on the open market. Names such as former Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu were still up for grabs. They choose to go to Los Angeles and Houston, respectively. This will solidify the LA Rams place at the top of names people will talk about when considering next year’s super bowl champions. As for Houston’s surprisingly cheap acquisition of the star safety they have possibly loaded up enough this year to compete with the big names in the much weaker AFC. The Texans just need to figure out how to stay healthy because they have the tools to make Big Ben and Brady nervous in the playoffs. Another move from a contender that went down was the signing of DT Sheldon Richardson to the Minnesota Vikings. A defense already stacked with talent just added some much needed depth to their front four. Seattle continued losing star power with Richardson walking away, but that may be Seattle’s idea. Build more around younger and hungrier guys who will come at a cheaper price. Seattle made a few signings such as finding Jimmy Graham’s successor Ed Dickson who will be immensely helpful in the pass and run blocking department for Seattle. They also brought in DJ Fluker a potential replacement at a guard spot. Many think Seattle will decline this season, but they are getting younger, faster, and they still have a top three quarterback in Russell Wilson so they need to be in the conversation fro a playoff spot. 

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NFL Free Agency 2018

 Through the first week of the NFL’s free agency period many big name players have switched from one team to another. Some teams released players to make room for other guys. Some teams acquired new franchise quarterbacks and they paid a lot of money for them. Kirk Cousins received the first ever fully guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings and he will get 84 million dollars from the franchise to play under center for the team that made it to the NFC championship game last season. Some other good quarterback signings include Drew Brees resigning with the Saints to no one’s surprise and the Jets signing the young Teddy Bridgewater who has flashed a ton of potential in the past. There were some less than stellar signings for signal callers as well such as, Sam Bradford getting 20 million for one season from the Cardinals despite his lack of ability to stay healthy for a full year throughout his career. Outside of the QB position there have been some other big names going to new places. The former Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson has been signed to the Bears who now have a deadly core of receivers for second year QB Mitch Trubisky to throw to. The Bears not only signed A-Rob, but also former Falcon Taylor Gabriel and super bowl champion tight end Trey Burton. The teams that have spent the most money through the first week of free agency are the 49ers, Bears, and Browns. All three teams finished last season with losing records. We will see if these signings increase their wins.